Peerage of Cormyr, ca 1487

Queen Raedra Obarskyr

Crown Prince Erzoured Obarskyr (Duke Royal, Lord Marshall)

Duke / Duchess

Lady Helindra Crownsilver (Head of House)
Dowager Queen Ospra Goldfeather (Duchess Royal)
Head of House Illance
Head of House Marliir
Prince Baerovus Obarskyr (Duke Royal)
Lord Oskar Truesilver (Head of House, Duke of Marsember)

Marcheon / Marcheoness

Lord Cedren Truesilver (Marcheon of Marsember Tarfields)

Earl / Countess

Lady Leara Truesilver (d. 1488)
Head of House Alsevir
Lady Solatha Boldtree, Countess of Dhedluk
Head of House Cormaeril, (Earl of Gladehap)
Head of House Dauntinghorn
Lord Fandril Dracohorn (Head of House)
Head of House Emmarask (Head of House, Earl of Halfhap)
Head of House Greatgaunt
Ordmann Goldfeather (Head of House)
Lord Colanfar Hawklin (Head of House, Earl of Hultail)
Lord Turin Huntcrown (Head of House)
Head of House Huntsilver
Head of House Rowanmantle
Head of House Wintersun

Viscount / Viscountess

Lord Aberyl Emmarask, (Garrison Commander of Halfhap)
Lord Gendamoar Hardcastle (Head of House)
Lady Valmura Hawklin
Lord Baerlun Huntcrown (Head of Arabel Huntcrowns)
Lady Genvera Huntcrown
Lady Pelarra Huntsilver
Lady Laerella Longbrooke
Lady Laendra Truesilver
Lady Aria Wintersun

Baron / Baroness

Lady Naranthe Crownsilver
Lady Adenia Goldfeather
Lady Illiara Huntcrown
Lord Viernus Longbrooke Baron in Hultail
Lady Hefria Marliir
Lord Warder Vainrence Illance
Lord Vornar Ridinghorn (Head of House)

Baronet / Baronetess

Lord Maranth Goldfeather
Lady Varauna Goldfeather
Lady Ada Huntcrown
Lord Ralaskor Ridinghorn

Knight / Lady Knight

Sir Drayton Illance

Peerage of Cormyr, ca 1487

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