Partial History of Cormyr

1371 DR: Year of the Unstrung Harp
Birth of Azoun V of Cormyr. Death of Azoun IV and Crown Princess Tanalasta. Beginning of the Steel Regency of Princess Alusair Nacacia.

1373 DR: Year of Rogue Dragons
Birth of Ganrahast, son of Vangerdahast Aeiulvana and Myrmeen Lhal.

1379 DR: Year of the Lost Keep
Four Day War between Cormyr and the Empire of Netheril.

1384 DR: Year of Three Streams Blooded
At the insistence of several members of court and the young king, Azoun V is crowned King of Cormyr. The Steel Regency ends. Alusair is named High Marshal of Cormyr, but spends most of her time in the Stonelands and the west reaches. Without the political support of his aunt, many of Azoun’s early reforms—including attempts to curtail the rights of the nobility—fail.

1385 DR: Year of Blue Fire
The Spellplague begins with the murder of Mystra. Roughly one third of Cormyr’s Wizards of War are slain, driven mad, or go missing in the year following Mystra’s death.

1390 DR: Year of the Walking Man
Death of the Dowager Dragon Queen Filfaeril. Alusair attends the state funeral, argues briefly and privately with her nephew the king, then disappears from court. Rumors of her riding the frontiers and borderlands are heard in later years, but Alusair is never officially seen again.

1392 DR: Year of the Scroll
The Dragon Coast city of Pros petitions the Crown to become a vassal-state of Cormyr to protect it from the ravages of the Spellplague. By year’s end, Pros’s sister- town of Ilipur joins the Forest Kingdom as well.

1394 DR: Year of Deaths Unmourned
The worst symptoms of the Spellplague subside. Cormyr emerges relatively unharmed, though not unchanged.

1396 DR: Year of the Secret
Marriage of King Azoun V to Nalara Marliir, the daughter of Lord High Marshal Dauneth Marliir and Krystin Lhal.

1397 DR: Year of the Quill
After years of struggle against the rule of Netheril, the border city of Daerlun is annexed into the Forest Kingdom.

1399 DR: Year of the Fallen Friends
Caladnei, Royal Magician and Court Wizard of Cormyr, succumbs to age and the lingering effects of the Spellplague. Following her death, Laspeera Inthré, one of the few surviving wizards from the days of Vangerdahast, assumes the post of Court Wizard and begins tutoring Ganrahast to adopt the duties of royal Magician.

1400 DR: Year of Lost Ships
The Alliance of Freesailors formally disbands, with the ships of each kingdom (Cormyr, Sembia andImpiltur) committing themselves to their nations rather than the general opposition of piracy.

1405 DR: Year of the Golden Mask
Birth of Emvar Obarskyr, first son of Azoun V and Queen Nalara.

1407 DR: Year of the Halls Unhaunted
The year opens with rumors of a complete clearing of the fabled Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. A dozen adventuring companies are wiped out in the year that follows, leading to a formal proclamation forbidding entry to the halls without an explicit warrant from the Crown.

1408 DR: Year of the Solitary Cloister
Following the lead of Daerlun a decade earlier, Urmlaspyr offers its allegiance to the Dragon Throne.

1409 DR: Year of True Omens
Birth of Foril Obarskyr, second son of Azoun V and Queen Nalara.

1414 DR: Year of Sea Lions Roaring
Azoun V restores loyal elements of the once-exiled House Cormaeril to the nobility.

1422 DR: Year of the Advancing Shadows
The city of Elversult, feeling increasing pressure from Cormyr’s control of its source ports of Pros and Ilipur, becomes a protectorate of the realm.

1428 DR: Year of the Elfqueen’s Joy
The city of Teziir, close to collapse after decades of struggle against Cormyrian-controlled rival cities, accepts the rule of the Forest Kingdom. Cormyr now controls all lands and ports surrounding the Dragonmere.

1430 DR: Year of Stalking Horrors
Marriage of Foril Obarskyr to Jemra Rhindaun, of the Royal House of Tethyr.

1431 DR: Year of the Lashing Tail
Birth of Irvel Obarskyr to Prince Foril and Princess Jemra.

1433 DR: Year of the Silent Departure
With their magical defenses failing and their former home restored, the elven clans Alastrarra and Ildacer leave the sea elf kingdom of Naramyr beneath the Dragonmere, returning to Myth Drannor.

1437 DR: Year of the Silent Flute
Years of low-grade conflict between Sembia and Cormyr lead to the death of Crown Prince Emvar in an ambush south of the Vast Swamp. In the same month, Princess Jemra is killed in a failed assassination attempt against Azoun V by Sembian factions. As the people grieve, calls for decisive action against Netheril and Sembia sweep across Cormyr.

1438 DR: Year of Silent Waterfalls
Royal Magician Ganrahast discovers that before Emvar’s death, the prince fathered a son, Erzoured, with a merchant’s daughter named Solatha. Erzoured and his mother are brought to the palace. Solatha is created Countess of Dhedluk, after her birthplace, to ensure that Erzoured will have a title to inherit despite his illegitimate birth.

1439 DR: Year of the Silent Tear
Years of tension, negotiation, and skirmish between Cormyr and Sembia erupt to all-out war.

1441 DR: Year of Resurrections Rampant
A peace treaty is drafted between Netherese Sembia and Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dale- lands. The Huntsilver noble family has been all but exterminated by the end of the conflict, its remaining two daughters marrying into the Houses of Crownsilver and Truesilver. As part of the Treaty of Griffonfang Bridge, the cities of Daerlun and Urmlaspyr are declared independent from both Cormyr and Sembia.

1442 DR: Year of Darkenbeasts Rising
Azoun V restores the Goldfeather family to nobility.

1448 DR: Year of Neomen Swords
Marriage of Prince Irvel to Ospra Goldfeather.

1449 DR: Year of the Godly Invitation
Death of King Azoun V. Coronation of King Foril.

1454 DR: Year of the Emerald Sun
Birth of Baerovus Obarskyr, son of Crown Prince Irvel and his wife, Ospra Goldfeather.

1460 DR: Year of the Malachite Shadows
Birth of Raedra Obarskyr, daughter of Crown Prince Irvel and Princess Ospra.

1469 DR: Year of Splendors Burning
Under the pretense of protecting Proskur from the shadowy hand of Netheril, Cormyr declares the burgeoning city a protectorate of the Dragon Throne.

1473 DR: Year of the Heretic’s Rampage
In the face of unprecedented activity by the faithful of Shar in Wheloon, alongside evidence of their alliance with Netheril, King Foril orders the city sealed and turned into a prison colony.

1486 DR: Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls
A Netherese army liberated Wheloon, sacks Marsember and threatens Suzail. King Foril and Crown Prince Irvel both died, with newly crowned Baerovus abdicating the crown in favor of his sister, Queen Raedra. Queen Raedra leads her forces to victory in the Battle of the Three Dragons, while Crown Prince Erzoured leads the newly-created Army of Suzail through a string of victories throughout the country.

1487 DR: Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant
The flying city of Thultanthar, also known as Shade Enclave, is destroyed in the Battle of Myth Drannor. The Army of the Purple Dragon pursues fleeing Shadovar and Sembian forces deep into Sembia, beginning the Third Sembian War. Marsember begins reconstruction, and the Army of Suzail scours the countryside to eliminate remaining monsters and mercenaries.

Partial History of Cormyr

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