Queen Raedra Obarskyr

Queen of Cormyr.


Only 27 years of age, Queen Raedra Obarskyr is Queen of Cormyr and daughter of Dowager Queen Ospra.

She is the first daughter born to House Obarskyr in more than a century. A woman of great beauty, she is said to possess the intellect of Tanalasta, the charm of Filfaeril, the strategy of Alusair, the temper of Gantharla, first Queen of Cormyr, and the sword-arm of Enchara the warrior queen. (The last is not strictly true, since Raedra prefers the rapier to heavier blades when training.)

Before her coronation, the Queen had already refused more than a dozen proposals of marriage or betrothal from courtiers both Cormyrian and foreign, most rejected with only a moment’s thought.

Now that she is queen, the question of when Raedra will accept a husband and bear heirs is a matter of constant discussion and rumor at court. When pressed, she responds that she is not a prize for some noble or adventurer to win.

She is a Queen of Cormyr, in whom the royal lines of Esparin, Tethyr, and ancient Athalantar are joined. As such, she vows to wed only a husband worthy of her station, if not of her genuine love.

Queen Raedra Obarskyr

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