Royal Magician Ganrahast Aeiulvana

Royal Magician to Queen Raedra


The reigning Royal Magician of Cormyr has lived for over a century, though his red hair is only now beginning to edge with silver.

Ganrahast has little of the presence of either of his parents, Vangerdahast Aeiulvana and Myrmeen Lhal. However, his ability to blend in allows him to learn more of the intentions of those around him than they are willing to reveal.

Ganrahast is a product of his upbringing in the time of the kingdom’s Five Ladies, when Cormyr remembered that women could fight, hurl spells, and rule as capably as any man.

The Royal Magician is an imposing figure, confidently giving orders and directing the War Wizards as they defend Raedra and her throne. His intellect is sharp and often morbid, letting him see threats most sane folk would not bother to consider.

Thus far, his instincts have kept the realm secure.

Royal Magician Ganrahast Aeiulvana

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