Crown Prince Erzoured Obarskyr, Baron Boldtree

Scheming hero of Cormyr, next in line for the Crown


Erzoured is the cousin of Queen Raedra and second in line for the throne of Cormyr. He distinguished himself in 1486 by leading the Army of Suzail in battles that marked the beginning of the end of the Shadovar War. Though he holds no military rank, he is recognized as the commander of the Army of Suzail and commands as if he were the rank of Battlemaster.

The son of the late Prince Emvar, Erzoured spent his early life in the royal palace, raised near his cousin Irvel but titled “lord” rather than “prince.” Despite the confirmation of his birth, Erzoured was not officially recognized as Emvar’s son until 1450 DR—after Foril had ascended the throne and ensured his own legacy.

Despite his luxurious upbringing, Erzoured is resentful of House Obarskyr. During Foril’s reign, he styled himself Baron Boldtree to dissociate himself from the king, seeing himself as the rightful heir to the Dragon Throne rather than fourth in line. Now the Crown seems within reach.

The fact that Lord Erzoured is a traitor in waiting is known to the court, most of whose members suspect that he will strike at Queen Raedra and seize the crown at the first opportunity.

Crown Prince Erzoured Obarskyr, Baron Boldtree

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