Dowager Queen Ospra Goldfeather

Widow of Irvel Obarskyr, mother of the Queen.


The Dowager Queen is the radiantly beautiful Ospra Goldfeather, daughter of a house that rises and falls in the Crown’s favor every century or two.

Though a skilled politician, the Dowager Queen Ospra has little ability to manipulate her daughter.

Princess Ospra is of the last branch of the Goldfeather house. Her father, Ordmann Goldfeather (called “Old Man Goldfeather” by most), his sister Adenia, and Adenia’s children Maranth and Varauna are the last blood members of that august family of servants and traitors to the Crown.

Ospra remains largely quiet at court, even as her cold blue eyes watch everyone and everything. Many make the mistake of considering Ospra nothing more than a pretty plaything for her powerful husband, but she is as good an agent in the observation of noble treachery as any Highknight.

Dowager Queen Ospra Goldfeather

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