Prince Baerovus Obarskyr

Odd prince, brother to Queen Raedra


Thirty-three years of age, Baerovus Azoun Obarskyr is the son of Dowager Queen Ospra, brother to Queen Raedra, and is second in the line of succession.

A slim, meek young man, Baerovus hides his features behind his long hair whenever he is not making a public appearance with the royal family.

Baerovus enjoys his large stable of light horses (the Calimite is by far his favorite breed), and he is known to care for wounded animals he finds during royal hunts.

The prince has no love for magic or for the battlefield. He is nearly useless with any blade longer than a hunting knife, though his skill with a bow is said to exceed that of anyone else in the royal family.

Prince Baerovus Obarskyr

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