Cormyr 1487

Her Majesty's Secret Service

Suzail, Ches 18, 1488DR

  • Swordcaptain Ixor headed west to Baldur’s Gate and boarded a ship bound for Waterdeep. Her ship never arrived.
  • Lord Fandril Dracohorn and Lady Aria Wintersun were tried and found innocent of Conspiracy against the Crown. Fandril stays in Dracohorn Mansion most days. Aria fled to her family’s holdings in Eveningstar.
  • Lady Illiara Huntcrown, having attracted no suitors at her presentation, was shuttled back to Arabel. She’s spending the summer traveling the Dalelands.
  • Griv Wrathson name is engraved in the Hall of the Fallen, where those who died in service to the Crown have their names engraved.
  • Just under his name is the name of the knight killed by the Royal Magician – [[:sir-dayton-illance | Sir Drayton Illance.
  • Lord Jaundicamar Bleth keeps a tallhouse by the Coster Yards rather than moving into the Bleth estate owned by House Alsevir. The Seven Suns Coster yard should be rebuilt before the spring trading season of the Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn.
  • Kinsia Bleth was sent back to Westgate, after attempting to murder the Crown Prince. A War Wizard was sent with her as a tutor.

*Lord Ranken Bleth is imprisoned in Castle Irlingstar in the Thunder Peaks. He is the first to be imprisoned there since the castle was abandoned in the Year of the Ageless One. That is, until the Black Network came to rescue him.

The party travels to Castle Irlingstar to prevent the escape of Rankin Bleth. In the ensuing chase, Rankin is killed by the ranger Nick Umbrage, a new member of the Service.

Varauna, takes the party to the Hall of Gazes, secret entrance under the portrait of Tanalasta and Alusair.

Queen Raedra discloses that a Red Wizard in Baldur’s Gate hung, but with a message. The black network is auctioning a device of great power, “I don’t know what it is”.

Seven Suns are auctioning it at Zhentil Keep, a tenday to the north, past Tiverton and the Dalelands. They have warded the area, inaccessible except to those who carry this token.

Meeting at Zhentil Keep

Auctioneer Marlor Brivane of the Seven Suns.

Thayan contingent: Three Red Wizards, Rozzen Vir’Amidy, Threena Kivane, Nomurra Brim. Their slaves and attendants.

Royal Magician Ganrahast.

Agents of the Dragon Herlinthatraxa, a Blue Dragon from Anauroch.

Vajra Safahr, Blackstaff of Waterdeep.

Mysterious Shadovar contingent.

The auction is interrupted by a message from a sending stone – someone else is in the possession of the item: a juvenile Mythallar.

The auction is interrupted by the appearance of a Feywild Rift. Elves pour through and attack everyone in sight.

Yomi and Adrianna are both caught on the other side of the rift as it closes.



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